How to Choose the Most Affordable Painting Services in Adelaide

Affordable Painting Services Adelaide

Much goes into selecting your painter than the price he or she is willing to offer you. While you are looking for affordable painting services, you want to ensure you get valuable output.

Take the example of Brett, a guy from South East Melbourne. Thrilled about moving into his new home with his family, he quickly sought a painter with a promise to deliver within a fortnight.

Seven weeks into the job and the guy was yet to finish. He had to kick the guy out, leaving him with ugly drips across the wall, partly done door frame gaps, improperly sanded surfaces, among a list of glaring imperfections.

Like the case above, painting services in Adelaide can still disappoint you if you fail to research well. And given the corona pandemic, many laid-off workers are trying out new jobs, painting included, to make ends meet.

Find Out What Others Say

Nothing can assure you about a particular painter, like getting to know what others think about their services.

Ask your family and neighbours about who did their painting services. What was the surface area painted? Was there a discount formula employed with increasing surface area?

How did they find the company’s commercial and residential painting? Adelaide has a ton of painting companies, and comparing the different prices while also looking at services on offer is a great way to ensure you are getting the most at the least cost possible.

Take, for instance, Chameleon Painting Contractors, one of the best painting companies within Adelaide. An elated Jeanette P had a few embellishing words about the painting industry. “I had two bedrooms painted by this guy, and he did a fantastic job and a really good price.”

Let’s consider another painting company in Adelaide, Star Painters Adelaide. Boasting several positive reviews, the brand cements its credibility across its customers.

Tony notes, “The quote was fair, and I will use them in the future!” Another customer, Shane, says, “Very fast and efficient with a very reasonable price.” Still, the next customer, Jesicca, chimes in with, “Star painters did a very nice job. Ahmad quoted me a very good price, was flexible with his work and did everything to make me happy.”

Lee Ann, a happy customer of Adelaide Painting Services, delightedly writes, “Thanks for an excellent job painting our Post Office. It was a pleasure to deal with someone professional, reliable, and reasonably priced for a change. We would highly recommend you to anyone!!”

When each customer keeps commenting about the budget-friendly price range, you could be certain you got an affordable painting team to revamp your space.

Get Multiple Painting Quotes

Getting an affordable painting company is one thing while getting the most affordable painting company is another.

When you want to save money as you refurbish your house, the best practice is to get several painting quotes from different brands. Try to get quotes from at least three of the companies you heard others say offered affordable prices. 

Indicate to your painter that you won’t be needing new quotes provided they are willing to offer you affordable or discounted cost estimates. Although you may get a super-affordable offer, try to determine the differences between the deals your preferred painting companies are offering.

What is the warranty period? Is there a criminal background done in case an issue arises? You want to get the most out of your painting contract with a particular painting company yet still at budget prices.

If you lack the time to source quotes from various companies, ask your painter the benefits of selecting them. This way, you may end up with a discount since you avoid a tedious back and forth once painting commences.

Nevertheless, getting a quote is relatively easy if you want a painting job done in Adelaide. For some painting companies like Chameleon Painting Contractors, a few replies to their website’s queries are enough to get you a free quote within a short while.

Painting websites like Word of Mouth allow you to get up to three quotes every day. And you don’t have to pay for the services.

Be Time Flexible

Sure, you may not have the time to wait for a painting job. But for something that is going to take quite some time on your building, why not plan early? This way, you are likely to get the best painting services in Adelaide at a reasonable price, even if it means waiting a little longer.

Try to have your painting job done during winter or autumn rather than the other seasons when everyone wants their house painted.

Irrespective of the time you decide to have your house painted, always choose the “flexible” option whenever possible. This way, you are likely to receive a more affordable quote.

Find Out Whether There are Discounts for Doing Pre-Painting Activities

Before painting begins, your painter has to move your furniture to a different location or cover it to ensure there are no messes. Preparing for a painting job tends to take much time. This leads to painting companies factoring this in their price calculations as it adds to the billing hours.

If you are painting a yet occupied building, your painting quotes are lower because of the ease of commencement.

If you want to renovate a building that you stay in or use, offer to clear the place before inviting the painting team. Confirm whether you get a discount for lightening the tasks and if a legit painting company provides you one while already being affordable, that is a great option.

Closing Remarks

One simple trick is to paint larger areas rather than smaller sections.

Setups and cleanups are quite tedious and are already laid out in the initial cost of painting small surfaces. By painting large surfaces, you simply add the painting costs instead of more clean up and set up expenses.

It is always good to determine which techniques and materials a painting company uses for a painting job in Adelaide. Provided they are using a reputable paint brand; you don’t want to make a more expensive suggestion as this increases the cost.

You also want a dedicated team who arrives on time, shows expertise and gives you a heads up if they will be running late. Whenever asking for a discounted value, politeness is crucial if you expect to enjoy Adelaide’s most affordable painting services.

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