Factors to Consider When Redecorating Your House in Adelaide

By picking the most amazing decor or furniture as soon as you spot it, you’ll end up with a beautiful collection, right? Not really. There are various things to consider as you go about changing the appearance of your house.

Where will you place the couch, and how will it relate to your tables? Which pieces of artworks should you use, and how do they relate to your wall paint or wallpaper? Most importantly, can you afford what you’re going for? Are there places you can get a similar item for much less?

Let’s feed you on all the details to consider if you want to redecorate a house in Adelaide like a pro.

What Needs a New Look?

Of course, the first question to ask yourself as you plan to redecorate is in which areas can you reinvent the appearance?


Maybe your wall colours don’t emanate the vibe you want. Are you bubbly and need to swap the deep blue with a neon green or yellow. Is the beige not for you, and you prefer a calm and collected colour, say grey? You may even decide to use a set of different colours for different rooms in your living space.

It is always good to invite a great painting company to help you with these decisions. While at it, you want a reasonable price and quality work.

Questions to ask yourself are, is the paint they use durable and which brand is it? Are the home interior painters enjoyable to work with and dedicated to their work?

There are lots of top painting companies in Adelaide to pick from when you want residential painting services. An excellent example is Chameleon Painting Contractors, which prides itself on using the best quality materials from leading brands like Dulux, Wallyt, Taubmans, and Haymes Paint.


Besides your walls, furniture is one of the critical aspects when it comes to decorating your house. The same intense research you conducted when looking for the best painting company in Adelaide is the same focus you should have as you seek new furniture.

Often, we tend to pick whatever is available in the store rather than going for something that brings out our personality. And in the process, we get boring pieces we want to get rid of in just a few months.

Check online and scout across various furniture portfolios as you relax over the weekend. What quotes are on offer, and are they free? How long does it take to get a quote? Is there free furniture delivery? What is the warranty period?

Some of the best furniture companies in Adelaide include Amart Furniture Melrose Park, Early Settler Adelaide, Fantastic Furniture, and Our Furniture Warehouse.

Decorative Pieces

One of the most intriguing incorporations into your house is decorative storage. While adding a touch of class to your room, decorative storage allows you to keep things organized. Layer your shoe boxes with fabric or spray-paint store-acquired storage boxes.

You cannot talk about redecorating your space without considering what you put on your walls. While a solid colour is great, breaking the monotony with an occasional poster or artwork does much to amp your space.

There are many affordable artworks available online. Go through different online stores and figure out what you like. You can even visit local art stores, which might be a better option as you get to see the artwork in person and easily note any imperfections.

You can shop from some great art stores in Adelaide like Eckersley’s Art & Craft, Art To Art – Eastwood, and Art To Art- Brooklyn Park.

Besides artworks, you can always hang pictures that capture your favourite moments. And you don’t have to hang the photos at once. Take them over a period of time to capture the most intriguing moments.

While your cell phone offers an affordable means to get pictures, there is a myriad of top photographers in Adelaide that can make your next birthday party, wedding, or graduation memorable and worth having on your wall for eternity. 

Play with decorative lights, night lights, a set of matching rags, or even having floating shelves to get your space looking superb.


While you may not redecorate your floor for a long time, it may be time you give it a new look. Are their chips on the wood? Are cracks and potholes littering the cemented sections?

A straightforward way to avoid doing an expensive tile replacement exercise is to have carpets covering your floors wherever applicable.

Questions to ponder about are, what colours go well with my furniture? Which is the most appropriate carpet material to use? Cotton carpets or any other cloth fabric carpets provide a classy way to cover your tiled floor. Besides, you won’t have to deal with the floor’s biting cold or have to install an expensive heated floor system.

Still, you may have to redo your floors. You can check out affordable yet classy-looking tiles, terrazzo, wood floors, among other options to decorate your space.

What is Your Budget?

Having pinpointed the areas that need a change, you now need to determine whether you can raise funds needed.

When looking for painting services, especially for extensive work like apartment painting services, you want to get the most affordable but still quality painting services. Getting quotes from various painting companies and comparing the services versus the price can help you land on a reasonable proposition.

Always check out for crazy discounts on furniture across online stores. While this may take ages to find budget furniture representing your style, you can always look for elegant, affordable furniture from different websites.

Sometimes, you may not have adequate funds to get new furniture. Luckily, a makeover to your old furniture can still offer you an impressive outcome. Reupholster your chairs and couches, stain or repaint cabinets, or simply rearrange your furniture to get a new look.

If you need a makeover for your windows, fibreglass and corrugated windows are a great option if you have little to spare. While being affordable, these two types of windows are great to ensure your space remains well-ventilated.

How Much Space Do You Have?

One of the critical things is to consider the amount of space available to decorate, especially when dealing with furniture. While remodelling your house, you want to deal with everything else first before choosing the type and size of furniture that snugs well with the rest of your stuff.

Svelte chairs can get lost in an expansive loft, while thick leather couches can dwarf everything else in the room. You want to ensure everything is balanced to get a perfect look for your space.

Designing a floor plan is very handy to precisely determine how much space something takes and the most appropriate position to place it. And you don’t have to use complicated software like AutoCAD if you have no clue. A pencil, ruler, and paper are enough to organize your room before going shopping.

Time to Redecorate!

Deciding how to live is the trickiest bit of redecorating, although there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. You can opt for modern or vintage, laid back or formal, vibrant or cool, deepening on your preferences.

If you can’t afford an interior designer in Adelaide, check out Pinterest, Houzz, or even Instagram for inspirational ways to restructure your space. Lastly,  ensure your house looks the best it can be within your budget limits.

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